What is Neurofeedback?

In very simple terms: it’s a reward system for your brain.

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback, which is truly just a monitoring system of your body’s brain waves. The gentle, noninvasive device provides a feedback signal when brainwaves exceed a peaceful range, helping you refocus when you start to drift into unpleasant thinking. 

It helps us with self-control when external situations are out of our control.

Neurofeedback helps bring your brain waves into balanced concert with each other, medication-free.

What is an example of neurofeedback? 

If you’ve ever had an EEG, you might have a bit of a glimpse into what neurofeedback is. It essentially measures your brainwaves in real time. It’s extremely objective.

Firstly, we will map your brain’s natural, resting state. Afterwards, this is transposed on a normalcy scale and used as a point of reference for future guided and self administering neurofeedback sessions.

A typical neurofeedback session involves resting in a comfortable position in a meditative space, watching a movie, or perhaps listening to music while the biofeedback machine monitors your brain waves.

How does it work?

While you are using the neurofeedback machine, when your brain waves are within the goal range, your movie or music are uninterrupted.

Yet, when you become distracted, your brain wave measurements will reflect this change, and your music will fade, your screen will stop, alerting you back into focus. After this, naturally, you will gently guide yourself back to a peaceful place. And, your brainwaves will reflect this on the monitor as well.

Then, once this change is registered on the machine measuring system, your programming will resume. Your “reward.”

After many sessions (the exact number is truly unique to every individual, but is typically more than one), your brain will be able to naturally calm itself back to its ideal ranges on its own.